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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 65 No. 3, 1992

Publication date: October 1992

Published on HRČAK: 09 April 2015
Table of contents Full text
Participation in Solvolysis: A Look Back (str.489-504) englishpdf 34 MB
William J. le Noble
Review article
The Contribution of Tunneling to Secondary Isotope Effects (str.505-515) englishpdf 25 MB
William H. Saunders, Jr.
Original scientific paper
Solvolysis of 1-(3-Noradamantyl)-2-methylpropyl and 1-(3-Noradamantyl)-2,2-dimethylpropyl Pemsylates (str.517-538) englishpdf 9 MB
D. T. Stoelting, V. J. Shiner, Jr.
Original scientific paper
The Nature of Nucleophilic Assistance to Ion-Pair Formation. Solvolyses of Cyclohexyl p-Toluenesulfonate (str.539-546) englishpdf 19 MB
Dennis N. Kevill, Mohamad H. Abduljaber
Original scientific paper
Solvolysis Kinetics of 1-Chloro-1-phenyl-5,9,14,18,22-pentamethyl-5,9,13,17,21-tricosapentaene, a Squalene Derivative. Indication of Participation (str.547-549) englishpdf 6 MB
Ivica Malnar, Olga Kronja, Krešimir Humski, Stanko Borčić
Preliminary communication
Approaches to Destabilized 7-Norbornyl Cations (str.551-566) englishpdf 35 MB
Wolfgang Kirmse, Sabine Schoen
Original scientific paper
Rates and Mechanism of Solvolysis of Arenediazonium Ions in Aqueous Trifluoroethanol (str.567-574) englishpdf 17 MB
H. Maskill, Katharine McCrudden
Original scientific paper
Similarity Models for Solvation Effects on Reactivity. The Dissociative Reaction Channel for Solvolyses of Sulphonyl Chlorides in Binary Aqueous Mixtures (str.575-583) englishpdf 18 MB
T. William Bentley, In Sun Koo, Gareth Llewellyn, Simon J. Norman
Original scientific paper
On a New Mechanism of S-O Scission in the Solvolysis of Aryl Triflates (str.585-592) englishpdf 16 MB
Takaaki Sonoda, Antonio Garcia Martinez, Michael Hanack, L. R. Subramanian
Original scientific paper
Carbocations from Arene Hydrates and Arene Oxides (str.593-614) englishpdf 47 MB
Rory A. More O’Ferrall, S. Nagaraja Rao
Review article
Acid-Catalyzed Hydration of 1-Methylcycloheptene and Methylenecycloheptane. Construction of the Complete Free Energy Profile for Olefin-Alcohol Interconversion in the 1-Methylcycloheptyl System (str.615-623) englishpdf 19 MB
Y. Chiang, A. J. Kresge, P. A. Obraztsov, J. B. Tobin
Original scientific paper
What is a Good Approximation for the Transition State of an SN2 Reaction? (str.625-631) englishpdf 15 MB
Addy Pross, Sason Shaik
Original scientific paper
Calculations on Fluorine Bridged Carbocations (str.633-653) englishpdf 41 MB
Michael A. McAllister, Thomas T. Tidwell
Original scientific paper
The C3H7+ Cation (str.655-672) englishpdf 40 MB
Wolfram Koch, Paul von Rague Schleyer, Peter Buzek, Bowen Liu
Original scientific paper
Deuterium and Carbon-13 Scrambling Processes in Isopropyl Cation (str.673-678) englishpdf 14 MB
Martin Saunders, Alan P. Hewett, Olga Kronja
Original scientific paper
Deuterium Isotope Effects on the Carbon-13 Chemical Shifts in 2-Substituted-2-Norbornyl Cations (str.679-701) englishpdf 47 MB
Kenneth L. Servis, Edward V. Koh, Peter Baine
Original scientific paper
NMR Isotope Shift Evidence for Conformational Structures of Dimethyl-9,10-Dihydroanthracenes and the 1,4,4-Trimethylcyclohexyl Cation (str.703-711) englishpdf 20 MB
David A. Forsyth, Adel M. Moussa, Chitchanun Panyachotipun
Original scientific paper
Non-degenerate Exchange of 1,2-Dialkyl Groups in Naphthalenium Cations (str.713-720) englishpdf 17 MB
David P. Kelly, Alicia M. Dachs, Voon Y. Stokie
Original scientific paper
NMR/IGLO/Ab initio Study of the 1,3-Dithiolanium Cation (str.721-725) englishpdf 10 MB
George A. Olah, V. Prakash Reddy, Golam Rasul, G. K. Surya Prakash
Original scientific paper
Crystal Structure Analysis and NMR Spectra of N-(Pentafluorobenzoyl)-4-dimethylaminopyridinium Hexachloroantimonate(V) (str.727-736) englishpdf 22 MB
Sandro Hollenstein, Christian Lohse, Thomas Laube
Original scientific paper
Diallylic and Diallenic Dyotropic Rearrangements (str.737-743) englishpdf 16 MB
Joseph B. Lambert, Daniel Stec III
Original scientific paper
Study of a Sterically Hindered Enol to Ketone Rearrangement by Stopped-Flow Gas Chromatography (str.745-756) englishpdf 27 MB
Lena Swahn, Per Ahlberg, Zvi Rappoport
Original scientific paper
A Convenient Preparation of Organofluorosilanes. A Possible Involvement of Tetracoordinated Siliconium Ion Pairs (str.757-761) englishpdf 11 MB
Yitzhak Apeloig, Osnat Merin-Aharoni
Short communication, Note
Speciation of A 1-Alkyl-4-Cyanopyridinium Iodide Using the Charge Transfer Band (str.763-777) englishpdf 32 MB
David A. Binder, C. Allen Mead, Maurice M. Kreevoy
Original scientific paper
Reactive Intermediates and the Question of Concertedness in the Catalytic Power of Enzymes (str.779-788) englishpdf 22 MB
Richard L. Schowen, K. Barbara Schowen
Original scientific paper
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