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Datum izdavanja: svibnja 2015.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 27. 5. 2015.
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Analysis of relation between ultrasonic testing and microstructure: a step towards highly reliable fault detection (str.87-96) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Ashish Khaira, Sanjay Srivastava, Amit Suhane
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Modifying microstructure and property of 30CrMnSi steel by subcritical austenite reverse transformation quenching (str.97-102) engleskiPDF 2 MB
Anming Li
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Failure prediction of ultra capacitor stack using fuzzy inference system (str.103-111) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Jingzhi Li, Guohui Wang, Lifeng Wu, Xiaojuan Li
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Numerical simulation on dynamic response of the chest wall loaded by the blast wave (str.113-120) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Jianyi Kang, Chunxiang Yu, Huimin Li, Jing Chen, Hai Liu
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Improved support vector clustering algorithm for color image segmentation (str.121-129) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Yongqing Wang, Xiling Liu
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A fleet arithmetic on overlay capacity of multi-aircraft cooperative detect base on transformed chameleon (str.131-138) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Donghui Mao, YangWang Fang, Xu Zang, Xinghua Diao
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The motion characteristics of a cylinder vehicle in the oblique water-exit process (str.139-146) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Baowei Xu, Jinfu Feng, Haiyan Wang, Duo Qi
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Constrained robust model predictive control for time-delay descriptor systems with linear fractional uncertainty (str.147-155) engleskiPDF 611 KB
Dongwen Zhang
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Numerical simulation on the aerodynamic force of the iced conductor for different angles of attack (str.157-169) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Yuejun Liu, Ai Ping Tang, Ke Tong Liu, Jie Wen Tu
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Robot localization and path planning based on potential field for map building in static environments (str.171-178) engleskiPDF 875 KB
Yingmin Yi, Zhimin Wang
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Loss reduction in a distribution system by considering interest rate (str.179-191) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Mehdi Izadi, Farzad Razavi
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Reliability analysis of aged natural gas pipelines based on utility theory (str.193-203) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Xinsheng Zhang, Wentao Li, Zhengshan Luo, Hongyan He
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Dependence of changes in pressure of superheated steam for reducing heat drop in the throttling regulation of steam turbines (str.205-210) engleskiPDF 836 KB
Ivan Jakovljević, Marko Perčić
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Short presentation of research projects supported by the Croatian Science Foundation (str.211-222) engleskipdf 2 MB
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