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Publication date: June 2015

Published on HRČAK: 30 June 2015
Table of contents Full text
Multimodal route planners in maritime environment (str.1-7) englishpdf 1 MB
Miroslav Vujić, Pero Skorput, Bia Mandžuka
Review article
Structural analysis of cruise passenger traffic in the world and in the Republic of Croatia (str.8-15) englishpdf 528 KB
Donald Sciozzi, Tanja Poletan Jugović, Alen Jugović
Review article
Using financial parameters to identify elements of creating and retaining maritime firms’ stakeholder value within the value in use concept (str.16-22) englishpdf 444 KB
Sonja Brlečić Valčić, Jana Katunar, Hrvoje Katunar
Review article
Factors influencing the formation of freight rates on maritime shipping markets (str.23-29) englishpdf 721 KB
Alen Jugović, Nikša Komadina, Ana Perić Hadžić
Review article
Legal regulations in the function of ensuring ship safety (str.30-39) englishpdf 424 KB
Jelena Nikcevic Grdinic
Preliminary communication
Analysis of the competitiveness of Port of Ploče at the container transport market and the possibilities for improvement (str.40-44) englishpdf 384 KB
Desa Rathman, Borut Kružić, Tanja Poletan Jugović
Review article
Green logistics – measures for reducing CO2 (str.45-51) englishpdf 1 MB
Alfonz Antoni, Mile Perić, Dragan Čišić
Original scientific paper
Detainable Maritime Labour Convention 2006-related deficiencis found by Paris MoU authorities (str.52-57) englishpdf 405 KB
Luka Grbić, Dalibor Ivanišević, Jelena Čulin
Review article
Speed regulation in fan rotation using fuzzy inference system (str.58-63) englishpdf 1 MB
Jasminka Bonato, Zoran Mrak, Martina Badurina
Review article
Market competitiveness of Croatian seafarers (str.64-68) englishpdf 455 KB
Emil Marinov, Lovro Maglić, Juraj Bukša
Review article
Shipowner management in accordance with mutual agreement (str.69-74) englishpdf 805 KB
Srđan Žuškin, Neven Grubišić, Matthew Sumner
Review article
Cluster analysis of student activity in a web-based intelligent tutoring system (str.75-83) englishpdf 2 MB
Igor Jugo, Božidar Kovačić, Edvard Tijan
Preliminary communication
Technology-based risk calculation methodology in coastal container liner shipping (str.84-89) englishpdf 582 KB
Juraj Bukša, Vlado Frančić, Tomislav Bukša
Review article
Ship-source pollution by polychlorinated biphenyls and brominated flame retardants (str.90-94) englishpdf 398 KB
Jelena Čulin, Toni Bielić
Review article
Student-shaped met study programmes (str.95-99) englishpdf 565 KB
Luka Simić, Matthew Summner, Igor Rudan
Review article
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