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Publication date: December 2015

Published on HRČAK: 06 October 2015
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Evaluation of Economic, Energy-environmental and Sociological Effects of Substituting Non-renewable Energy with Renewable Energy Sources (str.333-343) englishpdf 925 KB
Joachim Kozioł, Barbara Mendecka
Original scientific paper
Emissions and Furnace Gas Temperature for Electricity Generation via Co-firing of Coal and Biomass (str.344-358) englishpdf 856 KB
Shoaib Mehmood, Bale V. Reddy, Marc A. Rosen
Original scientific paper
Analysing a Bottom-up Methodology for Developing Communal Biogas Plants in Croatia (str.359-371) englishpdf 1 MB
Mak Đukan, Zoran Aralica
Original scientific paper
Towards New Renewable Energy Policies in Urban Areas: The Re-definition of Optimum Inclination of Photovoltaic Panels (str.372-388) englishpdf 795 KB
Manfred Weissenbacher
Original scientific paper
Determination by Landsat Satellite Imagery to Local Scales in Land and Pollution Monitoring: A Case of Buyuk Melen Watershed (Turkey) (str.389-404) englishpdf 1 MB
Ipek F. Barut, Hulya Keskin Citiroglu, Murat Oruc, Aycan M. Marangoz
Original scientific paper
Adsorption of Cadmium (II) and Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solution by Waste Marigold Flowers (str.405-415) englishpdf 825 KB
Monoj K. Mondal, Garima Mishra, Pradeep Kumar
Original scientific paper
Parametric Evaluation of Digestability of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste for Biogas Production (str.416-424) englishpdf 487 KB
Monoj K. Mondal, Aparna Banerjee
Original scientific paper
Assessment of the Entropy of Spatial and Time Distributions of Rooms Daylighting: A Possible Tool for a Sustainable Design (str.425-435) englishpdf 844 KB
Alessandra Galatioto, Marco Beccali
Original scientific paper
Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems – Volume III (str.436-436) englishpdf 459 KB
Neven Duić
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