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Datum izdavanja: travnja 2016.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 19. 4. 2016.
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Modeling and experimental study on drilling rig anti-jamming valve with BP neural network (str.99-106) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Wei Ma, Fei Ma
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Effects of rotational velocity on microstructures and mechanical properties of surface compensation friction stir welded 6005A-T6 aluminum alloy (str.107-113) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Xiangchen Meng, Shuangsheng Gao, Lin Ma, Zhengwei Li, Yumei Yue, Hanlin Xiao
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Review of ecological restoration technology for mine tailings in China (str.115-121) engleskiPDF 560 KB
Fang Chen, Qiang Yao, Jingyi Tian
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RVM-based adaboost scheme for stator interturn faults of the induction motor (str.123-131) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Weiguo Zhao, Kui Li, Shaopu Yang, Liying Wang
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Energy-balanced multi-hop-aware cooperative geographic routing for wireless ad hoc networks (str.133-147) engleskiPDF 2 MB
Wentong Fan, Song Zhang, Linhua Ma, Le Ru, Hong Tang, Yu Tian
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Global optimization method for design problems (str.149-155) engleskiPDF 931 KB
Abdelkhalak El Hami, Seifedine Kadry
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Estimation of delay and vehicle stops at signalized intersections using artificial neural network (str.157-165) engleskipdf 936 KB
Erdem Dogan, Ali Payidar Akgungor, Turan Arslan
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Experimental investigation into tool wear of cemented carbide cutting inserts when machining wear resistant steel Hardox 500 (str.167-174) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Jozef Majerik, Igor Barenyi
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Processing techniques of point cloud data on small-sized objects with complex free-form surface (str.175-179) engleskiPDF 818 KB
Wei He, Bai Shan, Ke Sun
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Dynamic response of a group of synchronous generators following disturbances in distribution grid (str.181-186) engleskiPDF 1005 KB
Samir Avdaković, Alija Jusić
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Optimal sequence of hole-making operations using particle swarm optimization and modified shuffled frog leaping algorithm (str.187-196) engleskiPDF 1 MB
Amol M. Dalavi, Padmakar J. Pawar, Tejinder P. Singh
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