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Publication date: March 2016

Published on HRČAK: 19 May 2016
Table of contents Full text
Learning from Experience: The Project Team is the Key (str.1-15) englishpdf 319 KB
Mariya Terzieva, Vincenzo Morabito
Original scientific paper
The Potential of Biotechnology Investments in Selected Eastern European Countries: Lost Chances (str.16-34) englishpdf 591 KB
Patrik Vida
Original scientific paper
Human Resources or Information Technology: What is More Important for Companies in the Digital Era? (str.35-45) englishpdf 231 KB
Lejla Turulja, Nijaz Bajgorić
Original scientific paper
The Influential Knowledge Factors of Companies’ Performance in Slovenia (str.46-58) englishpdf 254 KB
Katja Rašič, Matjaž Mulej, Vesna Čančer
Original scientific paper
Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance Strategy in Southeast European Markets (str.59-80) englishpdf 636 KB
Elma Agić-Šabeta
Original scientific paper
Impact of Income on Customers' Loyalty: Are Customers with Higher Income more Loyal? (str.81-88) englishpdf 213 KB
Igor Klopotan, Kristina Vrhovec-Žohar, Edita Mahič
Original scientific paper
Profitability and Capital Structure: An Empirical Study of French and Hungarian Wine Producers in 2004-2013 (str.89-103) englishpdf 364 KB
Martin Luptak, Daniel Boda, Gabor Szucs
Original scientific paper
Vendor Selection and Supply Quotas Determination by Using a New Multi-Objective Programming Method Based on Cooperative Game Theory (str.104-118) englishpdf 520 KB
Tunjo Perić
Original scientific paper
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