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The Journal of Philosophical Economics : Reflections on Economic and Social Issues, Vol. IX No. 2, 2016

Publication date: May 2016

Published on HRČAK: 20 May 2016
Table of contents Full text
The case for increasing returns (2): the methods of planning horizons (str.5-42) englishpdf 535 KB
Frederic B. Jennings Jr. Jennings Jr.
Original scientific paper
Poor countries and development: a critique of Nicole Hassoun and a defense of the argument for good institutional quality (str.43-70) englishpdf 372 KB
Ronald Olufemi Badru
Original scientific paper
Rawls and Piketty: the philosophical aspects of economic inequality (str.71-84) englishpdf 475 KB
Goran Sunajko
Original scientific paper
Slow living and the green economy (str.85-104) englishpdf 557 KB
Diana-Eugenia Ioncică, Eva-Cristina Petrescu
Original scientific paper
Review of Potrošačka kultura i konzumerizam [Consumer Culture and Consumerism], edited by Snježana Čolić (str.105-108) englishpdf 391 KB
Ana Maskalan
Book Review
Review of Dani Rodrik, Economics Rules: Why Economics Works, When It Fails, and How to Tell the Difference (str.109-113) englishpdf 393 KB
Dorin Iulian Chirițoiu
Book Review
Review of J. E. King, Advanced Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics (str.114-118) englishpdf 414 KB
Valentin Cojanu
Book Review
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