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Publication date: June 2006

Published on HRČAK: 08 July 2016
Table of contents Full text
Myth, spirituality and religion in travel: Pre-industrial Korea (str.97-106) englishpdf 137 KB
Young-Sook Lee
Review article
Self, wonder and God! The spiritual dimensions of travel experiences (str.107-116) englishpdf 125 KB
Donna E. Little, Christopher Schmidt
Original scientific paper
Spiritual hosting: An exploration of the interplay between spiritual identities and tourism (str.117-126) englishpdf 156 KB
Alison J. McIntosh, Yoel Mansfeld
Original scientific paper
Co-creating with the universe: A phenomenological study of New Age tourists (str.127-143) englishpdf 180 KB
Tomas Pernecky
Preliminary communication
A dark tourism spectrum: Towards a typology of death and macabre related tourist sites, attractions and exhibitions (str.145-160) englishpdf 232 KB
Philip R. Stone
Review article
Meaningful travel: Women, independent travel and the search for self and meaning (str.161-172) englishpdf 139 KB
Erica Wilson, Candice Harris
Review article
The unexpected road to spirituality via volunteer tourism (str.173-185) englishpdf 143 KB
Anne Zahra
Review article
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