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ADMET and DMPK, Vol. 4 No. 3, 2016

Publication date: September 2016

Published on HRČAK: 01 October 2016
Table of contents Full text
ADME/DMPK in the development and use of tyrosine and serine-threonine kinase inhibitors (str.182-185) englishpdf 433 KB
Godefridus Peters, Kin Tam
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors for EGFR- and ALK-mutated non-small cell lung cancer (str.186-211) englishpdf 586 KB
Jonathan R. Thompson, Smitha P. Menon, Grace K. Dy
Review article
Cardiovascular safety of protein kinase inhibitors: putting their “QT-phobia” in perspective (str.212-231) englishpdf 590 KB
Rashmi Shah
Review article
Cross talk of c-Jun N-terminal kinase and p38 map kinase modulate insulin and TNFα-stimulated VCAM-1 expression in rat aorta endothelial cells (str.232-240) englishpdf 774 KB
Gregory B. Pott, Mark Tsurudome, Jamie Bui, Chelsea Gardner, Marc Goalstone
Original scientific paper
Dose optimization of ceftriaxone-vancomycin combination using fractional inhibitory concentration kinetics in resistant bacteria (str.241-260) englishpdf 959 KB
Vishnu D Sharma, Aman Singla, Manu Chaudhary, Mukesh Kumar, Anuj Bhatnagar, Shailesh Kumar, Manish Taneja
Original scientific paper
Evaluation of P-glycoprotein expression in pain relevant tissues: understanding translation of efflux from preclinical species to human (str.261-268) englishpdf 844 KB
Renu Singh Dhanikula, Cyrla Hoffert, Rebecca Grant, Denis Projean, Rosemarie Panetta, Dajan O’Donnell, Marie Roumi
Original scientific paper
Evaluation of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interaction between repaglinide and atazanavir in healthy, diabetic and hepatic impaired rats: possible inhibition of CYP3A, OATP, and P-glycoprotein transporters (str.269-279) englishpdf 595 KB
Thirumaleswara Goud, Srinivas Maddi, Nayakanti Devanna, Thatipamula Rajendra Prasad
Original scientific paper
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