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Publication date: December 2016

Published on HRČAK: 15 March 2017
Table of contents Full text
Introduction – Identity in Flux (str.1-3) englishpdf 108 KB
Igor Duda, Robert Kurelić
“Like a safe tower on a steady rock”. Widows, wives and mothers in the ascetic elites of Late Antiquity (str.4-21) englishpdf 301 KB
Veronika Wieser
Review article
The last legions: The “barbarization” of military identity in the Late Roman West (str.22-42) englishpdf 321 KB
Vedran Bileta
Original scientific paper
The Franks in the early Ideology of Frederick Barbarossa (1152-1158) (str.43-59) englishpdf 341 KB
Vedran Sulovsky
Original scientific paper
Travel, leisure, boredom and the Middle Ages (str.60-72) englishpdf 300 KB
Maja Jović
Review article
The lower nobility in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the early 15th century, based on the example of Jan Sádlo of Smilkov (str.73-84) englishpdf 357 KB
Silvie Vančurova
Preliminary communication
Communication and political identity formation: Dubrovnik’s first ambassadors to the Sublime Porte (str.85-102) englishpdf 316 KB
Valentina Zovko
Review article
Perceptions of the Eastern Adriatic in the travel literature of the Early Modern period (str.103-117) englishpdf 920 KB
Milorad Pavić
Book Review
Iberian Jewish identities after 1492 (str.118-126) englishpdf 197 KB
Marianna D. Birnbaum
Original scientific paper
Constructing borderland identities in Romania and Bulgaria: the case of interwar Dobruja (1912-1939) (str.127-142) englishpdf 293 KB
Ana-Teodora Kurkina
Review article
Betwixt and between. The hybrid identity of a South Tyrolean Bersagliere in the 1935-1936 Italo-Abyssinian War (str.143-162) englishpdf 349 KB
Markus Wurzer
Original scientific paper
Negotiating “Istrian-ness” in tourist historiography: Observations on the discursive formation of a regional identity (str.163-177) englishpdf 291 KB
Eva Posch
Preliminary communication
State and identity: The controversies of identity change in Croatian society in the 1990s (str.178-196) englishpdf 527 KB
Albert Bing
Review article
Cosmopolitan Identity – historical origins and contemporary relevance (str.197-211) englishpdf 247 KB
Marin Beroš
Review article
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