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Publication date: March 2017

Published on HRČAK: 06 April 2017
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Editorial for Vol. 25 No. 1 (str.I-II) englishpdf 131 KB
Vlado Glavinić
OPEN: Optimized Path Planning Algorithm with Energy Efficiency and Extending Network - Lifetime in WSN (str.1-14) englishpdf 744 KB
Syed Bilal Hussain Shah, Zhe Chen, Fuliang Yin
Original scientific paper
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video Streaming Evaluation of LR-EE-AOMDV Protocol in MANET (str.15-29) englishpdf 1 MB
Periyasamy Pitchaipillai, Karthikeyan Eswaramoorthy
Original scientific paper
Unibot, a Universal Agent Architecture for Robots (str.31-45) englishpdf 802 KB
Goran Zaharija, Saša Mladenović, Lada Maleš
Original scientific paper
Online Voting System Based on Image Steganography and Visual Cryptography (str.47-61) englishpdf 643 KB
Lauretha Rura, Biju Issac, Manas Kumar Haldar
Original scientific paper
Ocean Wave Rendering with Whitecap in the Visual System of a Maritime Simulator (str.63-76) englishpdf 933 KB
Lining Chen, Yicheng Jin, Yong Yin
Original scientific paper
Impressum (str.77-77) englishpdf 242 KB
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