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Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Vol.16 No.2 (47)

Publication Date: September 2016.

Published on HRČAK: 20 April 2017
Table of contents Full text
Introduction (str.127-128) englishpdf 94 KB
Dunja Jutronić
Précis of Imagination and Convention (str.129-144) englishpdf 142 KB
Ernie Lepore, Matthew Stone
Original scientific paper
Against Lepore and Stone’s Sceptic Account of Metaphorical Meaning (str.145-172) englishpdf 184 KB
Esther Romero, Belen Soria
Original scientific paper
Intentionalism versus The New Conventionalism (str.173-202) englishpdf 304 KB
Daniel W. Harris
Original scientific paper
Cooperation with Multiple Audiences (str.203-228) englishpdf 204 KB
Marilynn Johnson
Original scientific paper
Coordinating with Language (str.229-246) englishpdf 147 KB
Jessica Keiser
Original scientific paper
Superficially and Deeply Contingent A Priori Truths (str.247-266) englishpdf 162 KB
Marco Ruffino
Original scientific paper
Mark G. E. Kelly, The Political Philosophy of Michel Foucault (str.267-270) englishpdf 95 KB
Utku Ozmakas
Book Review
Noël Carroll and John Gibson (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Literature (str.270-283) englishpdf 127 KB
Iris Vidmar
Book Review
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