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Publication date: July 2017

Published on HRČAK: 13 July 2017
Table of contents Full text
Consumer’s and merchant’s confidence in internet payments (str.1-29) englishpdf 254 KB
Franc Bračun
Original scientific paper
Management support to e-business initiatives: The Croatian experience (str.31-47) englishpdf 417 KB
Mario Spremić
Original scientific paper
Organizational factors for successful entering to e-marketplace: Case of large organizations in Slovenia (str.49-75) englishpdf 607 KB
Andreja Pucihar
Preliminary communication
Strategies for successful software development risk management (str.77-91) englishpdf 282 KB
Marija Boban, Željka Požgaj, Hrvoje Sertić
Preliminary communication
The strategic management of sudden changes in the competitive environment: The case of the French dairy industry (str.93-116) englishpdf 437 KB
Paulette Robic
Preliminary communication
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