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Management : Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, Vol.5 No.1

Publication Date: July 2017.

Published on HRČAK: 14 July 2017
Table of contents Full text
Business ethics in the Slovenian economy (str.1-20) englishpdf 389 KB
Danijel Pučko
Original scientific paper
An empirical inquiry into the objective assessment and the top management perception of the need for organisational restructuring in large Croatian enterprises (str.21-48) englishpdf 644 KB
Nikša Alfirević
Original scientific paper
Business process restructuring in Croatian and Slovenian companies: A comparison (str.49-71) englishpdf 496 KB
Vesna Bosilj Vukšić, Katarina Ćurko, Andrej Kovačič
Preliminary communication
Dimensions of organizational change (str.73-81) englishpdf 210 KB
Jure Kovač
Preliminary communication
The importance of human resource management for the success of the company (str.83-93) englishpdf 390 KB
Sonja Treven
Preliminary communication
Environmental data exchanging – the need for management (str.95-104) englishpdf 252 KB
Drago Vuk
Preliminary communication
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