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Publication date: January 2018

Published on HRČAK: 05 January 2018
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Editorial for Vol.25, No.4 (str.I-II) englishpdf 103 KB
Vlado Glavinić
Extended Fault Taxonomy of SOA-Based Systems (str.237-257) englishpdf 1 MB
Guru Prasad Bhandari, Ratneshwer Gupta
Original scientific paper
A Multi Agent Based Organizational Architecture for Dynamic Pickup and Delivery Problem (str.259-277) englishpdf 1 MB
Tahar Guerram
Original scientific paper
An Efficient Rule-Hiding Method for Privacy Preserving in Transactional Databases (str.279-290) englishpdf 509 KB
Farsad Zamani Boroujeni, Doryaneh Hossein Afshari
Original scientific paper
A Simple Density with Distance Based Initial Seed Selection Technique for K Means Algorithm (str.291-300) englishpdf 379 KB
Sajidha Syed Azimuddin, Kalyani Desikan
Original scientific paper
Author Index (str.301-302) englishpdf 117 KB
Subject Index (str.303-304) englishpdf 83 KB
List of Invited Section Editors (str.305-305) englishpdf 81 KB
List of Referees (str.307-309) englishpdf 112 KB
Impressum (str.310-310) englishpdf 242 KB
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