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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 54 No. 2, 1981.

Croatica Chemica Acta,Vol. 54 No. 2
Datum izdavanja: srpnja 1981.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 26. 2. 2018.
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Abstracts and Contents (str.I-V) engleskipdf 3 MB
The Theory of Crystallization as Viewed from Experiences with Electrolytic Systems (str.157-171) engleskipdf 10 MB
B. Težak
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Transition Metal Chemistry of Oxime-Containing Ligands, Part XIV. Iron(II) Complexes of syn-Phenyl-2-pyridylketoxime and syn-Methy 1-2-pyridylketoxime (str.173-182) engleskipdf 9 MB
Madan Mohan, Bhikari D. Paramhans
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MIND0/3 Study of the 'Thermal Rearrangements of Bicyclobutanylidene (str.183-191) engleskipdf 7 MB
See-Wing Chiu, Wai-Kee Li
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Analysis of the H-bridge in Carboxyllic Acids in Terms of Stabilization Energy Derived from Bond Lengths. Non-Hammett Properties of p-Substituted Benzoic Acids in the Crystalline State (str.193-202) engleskipdf 10 MB
Tadeusz M. Krygowski, Tadeusz Wieckowski
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A Comparison of Carbon-Carbon Double Bond and Cyclopropane as Neighboring Groups. Solvolysis Rates of 1-Aryl-4-cyclopropylbutyl Chlorides (str.203-209) engleskipdf 7 MB
D. Ostović, O. Kronja, S. Borčić
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Synthesis of New Formyl Halo N-methylimidazole Derivatives (str.211-216) engleskipdf 4 MB
M. El Borai, A. H. Moustafa, M. Anwar, A. G. Ghattas
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Imidazoles I. N-Alkylation of 4(5)-Nitroimidazoles (str.217-223) engleskipdf 7 MB
Z. Crnić, B. Glunčić
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Imidazoles II. Synthesis and Some Pharmacolog-ical Properties of Nitroimidazol-1-yl-ethylsulphonamides (str.225-232) engleskipdf 6 MB
Z. Crnić, B. Glunčić
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Polyfunctional Lysine Containing Tri- and Tetra-peptides (str.233-240) engleskipdf 6 MB
V . Škarić, J. Makarević, Đ. Škarić
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Synthesis of Some New 2,4,6-Triarylsubstituted Pyridines via Pyridinium Ylides (str.241-244) engleskipdf 3 MB
R. S. Tewari, N. K. Misra
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N-Methylation of 2-Furylhenzothiazoles. The Influence of Substituents on the Rate of Quaternization (str.245-248) engleskipdf 4 MB
L. Fišer-Jakić, K. Jakopčić
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Application of p-Substituted Cinnamohydroxamic Acids to the Spectrophotometric Determination of Molybdenum(VI) (str.249-254) engleskipdf 6 MB
Y. K. Agrawal, R. K. Jain
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Book Reviews (str.A5-A11) engleskipdf 8 MB
Recenzija, Prikaz slučaja  
Meeting of the Croatian Chemical Society (str.A13-A28) engleskipdf 17 MB
Announcements engleskipdf 358 KB
Impressum engleskipdf 507 KB
Cover Page engleskipdf 172 KB
Ad engleskipdf 2 MB
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