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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 48 No. 3, 1976.

Croatica Chemica Acta,Vol. 48 No. 3
Datum izdavanja: rujna 1976.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 31. 3. 2018.
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V. Prelog - Hiralnost u kemiji (Nobel Prize Lecture - HR) (str.195-208) hrvatskipdf 10 MB
Vladimir Prelog
PUBLICATIONS OF VLADIMIR PRELOG (str.209-237) engleskipdf 13 MB
On Silver Iodide in Surfactant Solutions (str.239-243) engleskipdf 4 MB
R. Despotović, D. Mayer
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One-Centre-Expansion Self-Consistent-Field Calculations on HCl. Part I. (str.245-269) engleskipdf 21 MB
J. E. Grabenstetter, M. A. Whitehead
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Adsorption of Ions on Small Spheres at Low Ionic Strengths (str.271-276) engleskipdf 4 MB
Nikola Kallay
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Standard Potentials of Silver-Silver Bromide Electrode and Related Thermodynamic Quantities in 2-Propanol-Water Mixtures (str.277-288) engleskipdf 11 MB
I. Mekjavić, I. Tominić
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A Method for Enumeration of the Algebraic Structure Count of Non-Branched Cata-Condensed Molecules (str.289-295) engleskipdf 4 MB
Ivan Gutman
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Simple Topological Formula for Dewar Resonance Energies of Benzenoid Molecules (str.297-299) engleskipdf 2 MB
I. Gutman, N. Trinajstić
Kratko priopćenje
On the Pairwise Nonorthogonality Problem in Quantum Chemistry (str.301-307) engleskipdf 6 MB
T. Živković, Z. B. Maksić
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Empirical Calculation of the Diamagnetic Susceptibility of Molecules (str.309-316) engleskipdf 4 MB
Z. B. Maksić
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Reductions of 1,4-Dimethyl-2-methylamino Quinolinium Iodide (str.317-318) engleskipdf 1 MB
N. D. Sharma, V . K. Goyal, B. C. Joshi
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Thioamides. XIV.The Oxidative Cyclisation of some Substituted Bisthioamides (str.319-323) engleskipdf 4 MB
D. Petrova, K. Jakopčić
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Synthesis and Basic Hydrolysis of Diesters of a-Anilinobenzylphosphonic Acid. Conformational Study of Esters by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (str.325-339) engleskipdf 11 MB
V. Jagodić
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Synthesis and Properties of the Stereoisomeric Diethyl 2-Aminocyclohexane-1,6-dicarboxylates (str.341-349) engleskipdf 5 MB
V. Škarić, B. Djuras, V. Turjak-Zebić
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Aminoacyl Derivatives of 4-Thiothymidine, Cytosine, and Cytidine (str.351-359) engleskipdf 4 MB
V. Škarić, G. Laćan, Đ. Škarić
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Katalytische Hydrierung von Stickstoffhaltigen Heterocyclen. V. Hydrierung von Benzoxazolen (str.361-364) njemačkipdf 2 MB
I. Butula, D. Butina, N. Bevetek
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Synthesis of the Four Structural Isomeric L-Pentapeptides of Ala. Glu. Lys. Ala. Ala. Sequence: Characterization and Correlation with the L-D-L-D-D-lsomer Related to the Peptidoglycan Peptide Chain (str.365-378) engleskipdf 7 MB
D. Goleš, L. Tomić, D. Keglević
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Determination of some Amino Acids in the Central Nervous System by Thin-layer Chromatography (str.379-383) engleskipdf 5 MB
N. Filipović
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The in vivo Effect of Ultraviolet Irradiation (290-350 nm) on Epidermal Chromatin (str.385-390) engleskipdf 2 MB
A . Kornhauser, M. A. Pathak, E. Zimmermann, G. Szabo
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Book Reviews (str.A17-A25) engleskipdf 6 MB
Recenzija, Prikaz slučaja  
HRVATSKO KEMIJSKO DRUŠTVO (str.A27-A46) engleskipdf 14 MB
Table of Contents engleskipdf 1 MB
Impressum engleskipdf 840 KB
Conclusion engleskipdf 87 KB
Cover Page engleskipdf 402 KB
Uvodnik hrvatskipdf 2 MB
Foreword engleskipdf 2 MB
Ad engleskipdf 3 MB
Vladimir Prelog - Photo engleskipdf 3 MB
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