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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 42 No. 3, 1970.

Croatica Chemica Acta,Vol. 42 No. 3
Datum izdavanja: listopad 1970.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 31. 3. 2018.
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Study of Preparation and Properties of Imidazolium Betaines (str.397-409) engleskipdf 10 MB
V. Šunjić, T. Fajdiga, M. Slamnik
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Ferrocene Compounds. I. Acetylferrocene and Diethyl Oxalate Condensation Products and Their Derivatives (str.411-416) engleskipdf 6 MB
M. Laćan, V. Rapić
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Determination of the Percentage of Divinylhenzene in Copolymer Styrene-Divinylhenzene by Means of Pyrolysis and Mass Spectrometry (str.417-423) engleskipdf 6 MB
V. Švob, F. Flajšman
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Hybridization in Highly Strained Small Ring Hydrocarbons. I. Tricyclo- and Tetracyclopropylidene (str.425-432) engleskipdf 9 MB
M. Randić, L. Jakab
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Some Remarks on the Use of Experimental Bond Lengths in the Maximum Overlap Method (str.433-438) engleskipdf 5 MB
Z. B. Maksić, M. Eckert-Maksić
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A Proton Magnetic Resonance Study of Rotational Motion of NH3 Group in Solids (str.439-444) engleskipdf 4 MB
S. Ratković, S. Forsen
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X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of Differently Prepared AgI. III. (str.445-456) engleskipdf 8 MB
R. Despotović, Z. Despotović, M. Jajetić, M. Mirnik, S. Popović, Ž. Telišman
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A Photometric Method for the Determination of Serum Titres by Latex Particle Agglutination (str.457-466) engleskipdf 9 MB
N. Deželić, Gj. Deželić
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Methorics of the Precipitation Processes. XXI. Flocculation and Stabilization Phenomena of Sodium Fluoresceinate on Positive Silver Iodide Sols in statu nascendi (str.467-477) engleskipdf 10 MB
Đ. Težak, B. Težak
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Spectrophotometric Determination of Stability Constants of Formato, Acetato, Propionato, Butyrato, Glycolato and Chloroacetato Complexes of Cobalt, Nickel and Copper (str.479-492) engleskipdf 12 MB
B. Grabarić, I. Filipović
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Polarographic Determination of Stability Constants of Glycolato and Chloroacetato Complexes of Copper, Zinc, Cadmium and Lead (str.493-497) engleskipdf 5 MB
I. Filipović, A. Bujak, V. Vukičević
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Crystal Data for K2[Mo0(02)2C20 4] and K2[W0(02)2C204 (str.499-500) engleskipdf 2 MB
M. Šljukić, N. Vuletić, B. Matković, B. Kojić-Prodić
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B-Deuterium Isotope Effect in Solvolysis of 1 ,2-Dimethyl-exo-2- -norhornyl p-Nitrohenzoate (str.501-504) engleskipdf 3 MB
K. Humski
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Some Critical Remarks on the Paper Fixed Charge Double Layer Potential Equations - a Derivation by M. Mirnik (str.505-506) engleskipdf 2 MB
J. Th. G. Overbeek
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Comments on Some Critical Remarks on the Paper »Fixed Charge Double Layer Potential Equations - a Derivation« by J. Th. G. Overbeek (str.507-511) engleskipdf 5 MB
M. Mirnik
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Book Reviews (str.A5-A8) engleskipdf 6 MB
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HRVATSKO KEMIJSKO DRUŠTVO (str.A9-A20) hrvatskipdf 14 MB
Announcements (str.C17-C18) engleskipdf 734 KB
Table of Contents engleskipdf 1 MB
Impressum engleskipdf 1 MB
Cover Page engleskipdf 227 KB
Conclusion engleskipdf 111 KB
Ad engleskipdf 1 MB
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