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Publication date: April 2018

Published on HRČAK: 16 April 2018
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Knowing Means Existing: Organizational Learning Dimensions and Knowledge Management Capability (str.1-18) englishpdf 424 KB
Lejla Turulja, Nijaz Bajgorić
Original scientific paper
Still Searching or Have You Found It Already? – Usability and Web Design of an Educational Website (str.19-30) englishpdf 404 KB
Julia Lamberz, Thorsten Litfin, Özlem Teckert, Gunther Meeh-Bunse
Original scientific paper
LMS Solution: Evidence of Google Classroom Usage in Higher Education (str.31-43) englishpdf 783 KB
Lejla Abazi-Bexheti, Arbana Kadriu, Marika Apostolova-Trpkovska, Edmond Jajaga, Hyrije Abazi-Alili
Original scientific paper
Research Activities and their Relation to Economic Performance of Regions in the European Union (str.44-54) englishpdf 252 KB
Vladimir Hiadlovsky, Jan Hunady, Marta Orviska, Peter Pisar
Original scientific paper
The Effects of Expenditures for Labour Market Policy on Unemployment Rate (str.55-64) englishpdf 629 KB
Laura Južnik Rotar
Original scientific paper
Estimation of Fixed Capital Investment in SMEs: the Existing Differentiation in the Russian Federation (str.65-78) englishpdf 278 KB
Iuliia Pinkovetskaia, Vladislava Slepova
Original scientific paper
Consistency of Quality Management in Slovenian Organizations (str.78-92) englishpdf 403 KB
Vinko Bogataj, Gordana Žurga
Original scientific paper
Impact of Leadership Style to Financial Performance of Enterprises (str.93-106) englishpdf 425 KB
Ivan Miloloža
Original scientific paper
Going Entrepreneurial: Agro-tourism and Rural Development in Northern Montenegro (str.107-117) englishpdf 244 KB
Tatjana Stanovčić, Sanja Peković, Jovana Vukčević, Djurdjica Perović
Original scientific paper
The Effect of Government Subsidy on Non-Technological Innovation and Firm Performance in the Service Sector: Evidence from Germany (str.118-137) englishpdf 506 KB
Shoaib Abdul Basit, Thomas Kuhn, Mumtaz Ahmed
Original scientific paper
The Possible Use of Akerlof and Kranton’s Utility Model in Higher Education (str.138-150) englishpdf 230 KB
Nikolett Mihaly
Original scientific paper
Exploring the Motivation of Employees in a Firm: A Case-Study (str.151-160) englishpdf 191 KB
Igor Klopotan, Trina Mjeda, Petar Kurečić
Original scientific paper
Notice of Redundant Publication and Erratum (str.161-162) englishpdf 103 KB
Mirjana Pejić Bach
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