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Transformers Magazine, Vol. 5 No. 2, 2018

Transformers Magazine,Vol. 5 No. 2
Publication date: April 2018

Published on HRČAK: 17 April 2018
Table of contents Full text
Editorial message (str.9-10) englishpdf 1 MB
Mladen Banović
Completing the globally interconnected electricity grid (str.34-37) englishpdf 702 KB
Steve Aubertin
Original scientific paper
Beneficial investment for transformer maintenance (str.48-55) englishpdf 2 MB
Marius Grisaru
Original scientific paper
Future of substation monitoring: It is not just the software (str.64-68) englishpdf 772 KB
Brian D. Sparling
Original scientific paper
Transformer health and risk indexing: Transforming asset data into decision-support information (str.74-79) englishpdf 914 KB
Jos Wetzer
Original scientific paper
Diagnostic testing of cast-resin transformers (str.86-92) englishpdf 3 MB
Michael Kruger, Christoph Engelen
Original scientific paper
Shunt reactor technology: Three world records in three years (str.98-102) englishpdf 2 MB
Saskia Baumann
Original scientific paper
Transformer oil fault gases under thermal stress at 160 °C – Part I (str.108-115) englishpdf 1 MB
Bernd Christian, Armin Glaeser
Original scientific paper
Transformer insulation regeneration and drying in online mode (str.116-122) englishpdf 3 MB
Emir Šišić
Original scientific paper
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