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Scientific Journal of Maritime Research, Vol. 32 No. 1, 2018

Scientific Journal of Maritime Research,Vol. 32 No. 1
Publication date: June 2018

Published on HRČAK: 20 June 2018
Table of contents Full text
Legal Challenges of Implementing the System of Monitoring Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Maritime Transport within Ports of Call under the Jurisdiction of EU Member States (str.3-9) englishpdf 506 KB
Željka Primorac
Preliminary communication
Nature Inspired Metaheuristics for Optimizing Problems at a Container Terminal (str.10-20) englishpdf 733 KB
Marko Gulić, Livia Maglić, Sanjin Valčić
Review article
Decentralized Agent-based Electronic Marketplace Supply Chain Ecosystem (str.21-27) englishpdf 1 MB
Roman Gumzej, Dragan Čišić
Preliminary communication
Methodology for Controlling the Ship’s Path during the Turn in Confined Waterways (str.28-35) englishpdf 2 MB
Srđan Vujičić, Robert Mohović, Ivica Đurđević Tomaš
Preliminary communication
Comparative Analysis of the Related Interests of Relevant Stakeholders in the Development of Seaports in Relation to the Spatial Concept of the City (str.36-41) englishpdf 1 MB
Donald Schiozzi, Alen Jugović, Željko Smojver
Preliminary communication
The Perspectives of Port Integration into the Global Supply Chains – The Case of North Adriatic Ports (str.42-49) englishpdf 974 KB
Alen Host, Helga Pavlić Skender, Petra Adelajda Mirković
Review article
A Proposal of Measures Towards a Qualitative Enhancement of Bus Transport Services in the Primorsko-goranska County (str.50-58) englishpdf 1 MB
Siniša Vilke, Tomislav Krljan, Borna Debelić
Preliminary communication
Nautical Tourism: Generator of Croatian Economy Development (str.59-66) englishpdf 829 KB
Katarina Ivanić, Ana Perić Hadžić, Đani Mohović
Review article
Institutional Modelling of Integrated PPT System in Urban Agglomerations (str.67-75) englishpdf 513 KB
Željko Smojver, Hrvoje Baričević, Donald Schiozzi
Review article
A Review of Leadership Behaviour of Maritime Officers in International Shipping (str.76-79) englishpdf 501 KB
Ermal Xhelilaj, Bledar Sakaj
Review article
Marine Pollution Differentiation with Stable Isotopes of Groundwater (str.80-87) englishpdf 851 KB
Diana Mance, Davor Mance, Darija Vukić Lušić
Original scientific paper
The Evaluation of the Efficiency of Transport and Logistics Infrastructure of Railway Transport (str.88-101) englishpdf 929 KB
Karlygash Saparovna Mukhtarova, Serik Sarsengalievich Ospanov, Alfonz Antoni, Madina Duzbaievna Sharapiyeva
Review article
Beaches as a Factor in Achieving Competitiveness of a Tourist Product-Case Study: Istrian County (str.102-114) englishpdf 682 KB
Zrinka Zadel, Daniela Gračan, Vedran Milojica
Review article
The Importance of Harmonizing Working Timetables in Seaport Clusters (str.115-120) englishpdf 611 KB
Jakov Karmelić, Edvard Tijan
Preliminary communication
Change in Steam Generators Main and Auxiliary Energy Flow Streams During the Load Increase of LNG Carrier Steam Propulsion System (str.121-131) englishpdf 903 KB
Vedran Mrzljak, Jasna Prpić-Oršić, Tomislav Senčić
Original scientific paper
Inspections on Board Oil Tankers: Present Situation and Suggestion for Improvement (str.132-140) englishpdf 532 KB
Luka Grbić, Jelena Čulin, Toni Bielić
Preliminary communication
Computerized Planned Maintenance System Software Models (str.141-145) englishpdf 650 KB
Goran Gašpar, Igor Poljak, Josip Orović
Preliminary communication
A Simple Mathematical Model for Refrigerating Compressor Optimization (str.146-151) englishpdf 1 MB
Darko Glujić, Predrag Kralj, Dragan Martinović
Preliminary communication
Maritime Common Good and Coastal Zone Management (str.151-161) englishpdf 2 MB
Borna Debelić
Original scientific paper
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