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Journal of Accounting and Management, Vol. VIII No. 1, 2018

Journal of Accounting and Management,Vol. VIII No. 1
Publication date: June 2018

Published on HRČAK: 06 November 2018
Table of contents Full text
A Review of the Research on Data Mining Techniques in the Detection of Fraud in Financial Statements (str.1-18) englishpdf 422 KB
Dubravka Kopun
Review article
Towards a Framework for Achieving Clean Audit Outcomes in the South African Public Sector (str.19-36) englishpdf 346 KB
KN Motubatse, Collins C Ngwakwe, Mokoko P Sebola
Review article
Relationship Between Human Capital Investments and Firm’s Net Profit (str.37-46) englishpdf 252 KB
Matimba F Masuluke, Collins C Ngwakwe
Original scientific paper
The Effect of Deflation on the Financial Markets of Croatia and Germany (str.47-60) englishpdf 384 KB
Miroslav Gregurek, Nikša Boreck
Original scientific paper
Educating the Next Generation in Finances for a Resourced, Stable, and Responsible South Africa (str.61-70) englishpdf 272 KB
Tankiso Moloi, Boniswa Madikizela
Preliminary communication
Integrated Reporting - Concept and Impact on Performance of Croatian Companies (str.71-82) englishpdf 297 KB
Neda Vitezić, Antonija Petrlić
Original scientific paper
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