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Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems,Vol. 6 No. 3
Datum izdavanja: rujna 2018.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 26. 9. 2018.
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Novel Approach for Estimating Monthly Sunshine Duration Using Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study (str.405-414) engleskipdf 334 KB
Maamar Laidi, Salah Hanini, Abdallah El Hadj Abdallah
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The Use of Fresnel Lenses to Improve the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Modules for Building-integrated Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems (str.415-426) engleskipdf 859 KB
Krzysztof Sornek, Mariusz Filipowicz, Jakub Jasek
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Financing Sustainable Water Service Delivery of Small Town Water Systems in Ghana: The Gaps and Needs (str.427-445) engleskipdf 783 KB
Tyhra C. Kumasi
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Exploring Mental Models of Geothermal Energy among Laypeople in Germany as Hidden Drivers for Acceptance (str.446-463) engleskipdf 1 MB
Barbara S. Zaunbrecher, Johanna Kluge, Martina Ziefle
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Energy Recovery of the Biomass from Livestock Farms in Italy: The Case of Modena Province (str.464-480) engleskipdf 4 MB
Massimo Milani, Luca Montorsi
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Modelling Studies on Reactive Absorption of Carbon Dioxide in Monoethanolamine Solution from Flue Gas in Coal Based Thermal Power Plants (str.481-493) engleskipdf 364 KB
Tanmay Singhal, Sampatrao D. Manjare
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Enhanced Pollution Removal with Heat Reclamation in a Small Hungarian Wastewater Treatment Plant (str.494-504) engleskipdf 2 MB
Viola Somogyi, Viktor Sebestyén, Zsófia Kovács, Réka H. Hargitai, Endre Domokos
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Co-benefit Reductions of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants and Air Pollutants by 2050 while Achieving the 2 Degree Target in Asia (str.505-520) engleskipdf 905 KB
Tatsuya Hanaoka, Toshihiko Masui
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Mechanical Analysis of Genoa 03 Stirling Engine (str.521-533) engleskipdf 472 KB
Miguel Torres García, David Sánchez Martínez, Francisco Aguilera Roldán, Francisco J. Jiménez-Espadafor Aguilar, Elisa Carvajal Trujillo
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Velocity Field Analysis of a Channel Narrowed by Spur-dikes to Maximize Power Output of In-stream Turbines (str.534-546) engleskipdf 1 MB
Hugo Canilho, Cristina Fael
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Adaptive Model-based Control for Cost-aware Household Appliances (str.547-558) engleskipdf 595 KB
Szilárd Jaskó, Tamás Schné, Gyula Simon
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Application of the Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems Index to World Cities with a Normative Scenario for Rio de Janeiro (str.559-608) engleskipdf 4 MB
Şiir Kılkış
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