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Publication date: September 2018

Published on HRČAK: 30 September 2018
Table of contents Full text
Management in the Year 2050 (str.417-426) englishpdf 337 KB
Vatroslav Zovko
Review article
Bitcoin: Rube Goldberg Machine, Antique Throwback, Gigantic Distraction, Entertainment, Ripoff or New Money? (str.427-445) englishpdf 747 KB
Niccolo Caldararo
Review article
Challenges to Democracy: The Origins of Protectionist Populism in Europe (str.446-451) englishpdf 250 KB
Leon Runje
Original scientific paper
A Growth Theory Based on Walrasian General Equilibrium, Solow-Uzawa Growth, and Heckscher-Ohlin Trade Theories (str.452-464) croatianpdf 1 MB
Wei-Bin Zhang
Original scientific paper
Borda and Plurality Comparison with Regard to Compromise as a Sorites Paradox (str.465-484) englishpdf 593 KB
Aleksandar Hatzivelkos
Original scientific paper
Understanding Gatekeeping Transformation in the Chinese EV Industry: An Exploratory Study of the Focal Firms' Cross-industrial Interactions (str.485-503) englishpdf 673 KB
Yanyan Liu, Ying Cheng, Wei Liu
Original scientific paper
Forecasting Labour Productivity in the European Union Member States: Is Labour Productivity Changing as Expected? (str.504-523) englishpdf 768 KB
Berislav Žmuk, Ksenija Dumičić, Irena Palić
Original scientific paper
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