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Publication date: December 2018

Published on HRČAK: 18 December 2018
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When being good is not enough: Towards contextual education of business leadership ethics (str.1-14) englishpdf 483 KB
Audur Hermannsdottir, Olga Stangej, Kari Kristinsson
Original scientific paper
The state of analytical procedures in the internal auditing as a corporate governance mechanism (str.15-46) englishpdf 525 KB
Ana Ježovita, Boris Tušek, Lajoš Žager
Original scientific paper
The impact of demographic and socio-psychological characteristics on consumers’ ethnocentric tendencies: Evidence from Croatia (str.47-64) englishpdf 461 KB
Antonija Kvasina, Biljana Crnjak Karanović, Ante Tucak
Preliminary communication
Unethical behaviour in Human Resource Management practices in South Africa: Views of Human Resource practitioners (str.65-86) englishpdf 441 KB
Barney J. Earsmus
Preliminary communication
Influencing factors of brand perception on consumers’ repurchase intention: An examination of online apparel shopping (str.87-102) englishpdf 473 KB
Wajeeha Aslam, Marija Ham, Kashif Farhat
Preliminary communication
Interdependence of company’s industrial competitive position and its strategic orientation: A dynamic theoretical model (str.103-122) englishpdf 735 KB
Vladimir Gnjidić
Preliminary communication
Social responsibility and strategic orientation of higher education - Cases of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (str.123-140) englishpdf 428 KB
Toni Popović, Zlatko Nedelko
Preliminary communication
Blueprint for a business plan competition: Can it work? (str.141-154) englishpdf 654 KB
Michael C. Cant
Review article
Corporate board composition in family businesses: Evidence from the Czech Republic (str.155-174) englishpdf 495 KB
Pavla Odehnalová, Petr Pirožek
Capital adequacy of commercial banks in Bulgaria: Impact strategies (str.175-188) englishpdf 650 KB
Radka Andasarova
Towards treasury 4.0/The evolving role of corporate treasury management for 2020 (str.189-197) englishpdf 721 KB
Petr Polak, Francois Masquelier, Grzegorz Michalski
Professional paper
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