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Politička misao : časopis za politologiju, Vol. 55 No. 4, 2018.

Politička misao : časopis za politologiju,Vol. 55 No. 4
Datum izdavanja: siječanj 2019.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 14. 1. 2019.
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Editors’ Note (str.7-8) engleskipdf 205 KB
Luka Ribarević, Domagoj Vujeva
Thomas Hobbes and the Political Economy of Peace (str.9-35) engleskipdf 303 KB
Patricia Springborg
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Seneca’s De Clementia. An Overlooked Chapter in the Genealogies of Representation and Sovereignty (str.36-58) engleskipdf 320 KB
Gonzalo Bustamante Kuschel
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Political Unity and the “Existential Meaning” of Conflict. On Carl Schmitt’s The Concept of the Political (with some remarks on The Dreyfus Affair in Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism) (str.59-72) engleskipdf 275 KB
Thomas Petersen
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Editor’s Note (str.75-78) engleskipdf 209 KB
Hrvoje Cvijanović
No-platforming and Safe Spaces: Should Universities Censor more (or less) Speech than the Law Requires? (str.79-108) engleskipdf 315 KB
Eric Heinze
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On Memory Politics and Memory Wars: A Critical Analysis of the Croatian Dialogue Document (str.109-146) engleskipdf 405 KB
Hrvoje Cvijanović
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Historical Events in Symbols and the Freedom of Expression: The Contemporary Constitutional Debate in Croatia (str.147-175) engleskipdf 347 KB
Đorđe Gardašević
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Hate Speech, Contentious Symbols and Politics of Memory: Survey Research on Croatian Citizens’ Attitudes (str.176-202) engleskipdf 619 KB
Nebojša Blanuša, Enes Kulenović
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The Legal Regulation of Hate Speech: The International and European Frameworks (str.203-229) engleskipdf 330 KB
Natalie Alkiviadou
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Legal Concept of Hate Speech and Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights (str.230-252) engleskipdf 310 KB
Vesna Alaburić
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