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Publication date: November 2010

Published on HRČAK: 24 November 2010
Table of contents Full text
The Bible: Our Daily “Bread” (str.131-132) englishpdf 38 KB
Mladen Jovanović
The Bible and the Public Arena: A Pauline Model for Christian Engagement in Society with Reference to Romans 13 (str.135-157) englishpdf 147 KB
Corneliu Constantineanu
Original scientific paper
The Role of the Bible in Daily Life (str.159-180) englishpdf 138 KB
Stanko Jambrek, Ljubinka Jambrek
Professional paper
The Bible and Religious Freedom (str.181-194) englishpdf 106 KB
Ben-Oni Ardelean
Review article
The Primary Tool for the Church Leader (str.195-202) englishpdf 73 KB
Thomas Sibley
Professional paper
The Perfections of God in the Theology of Karl Barth: A Consideration of the Formal Structure (str.203-222) englishpdf 174 KB
Eric Titus Titus
Review article
Christianity between Capitalism and Socialism (str.223-236) englishpdf 170 KB
Robert Bogešić
Professional paper
Patrick Collinson Reformacija: Kratka povijest (The Reformation: A Brief History) (str.239-242) englishpdf 52 KB
Tomislav Vidaković
Case report
Gianni Vattimo - Vjerovati da vjeruješ (To Believe that You Believe) (str.242-245) englishpdf 52 KB
Mislav Miholek
Case report
C. Arnold Snyder - Povijest i teologija anabaptizma (Anabaptist History and Theology: An Introduction) (str.245-248) englishpdf 50 KB
Stanko Jambrek
Case report
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