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Publication date: October 2011

Published on HRČAK: 06 November 2011
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Everything Has Its Time (str.239-242) englishpdf 54 KB
Stanko Jambrek
The Impartation of the Gifts of the Spirit in Paul’s Theology (str.245-270) englishpdf 151 KB
Ervin Budiselić
Original scientific paper
Slavery and Freedom in the Epistle to the Galatians (str.271-289) englishpdf 179 KB
Mario Kushner
Original scientific paper
More than Just Naboth’s Vineyard Reflections on the Implications of the Community on Exploitation and Corruption in the Context of I Kings 21 (str.291-305) englishpdf 233 KB
Ksenafo Akulli
Review article
Celebrating the Ascension (str.307-312) englishpdf 64 KB
Robin Plant
THE BOOK THAT CHANGED THE WORLD The influence of the King James Bible on English language and literature (str.313-323) englishpdf 92 KB
Janet Berković
THE BOOK THAT CHANGED THE WORLD - Abstracts of Three Lectures Marking the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible (str.324-326) englishpdf 53 KB
Tony Jones - The Teaching of the Twelve: Believing and Practicing the Primitive Christianity of the Ancient Didache Community (str.329-331) englishpdf 39 KB
Matina Ćaran
Case report
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