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Croatian Yearbook of European Law & Policy,Vol. 14 No. 14
Datum izdavanja: prosinac 2018.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 3. 3. 2019.
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Blame it on Brussels: EU Law and the Distributive Effects of Globalisation (str.VII-XXII) engleskipdf 141 KB
Tamara Perišin, Sam Koplewicz
The Sky Is Not the Limit: Mutual Trust and Mutual Recognition après Aranyosi and Caldararu (str.1-30) engleskipdf 232 KB
Adam Łazowski
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Equal Pay for Equal Work in the Same Place? Assessing the Revision to the Posted Workers Directive (str.31-68) engleskipdf 289 KB
Daniel Carter
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Transparency of (Pre-)Contractual Information in Consumer Credit Agreements: Is Consistency the Missing Key? (str.69-98) engleskipdf 225 KB
Mia Junuzović
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The Twofold Approach to Children’s Freedom of Movement Rights Under European Law: Can ‘Children’s Equilibrium’ Guide the Interpretation of the Post-Brexit Rights of UK Children Residing in the EU? (str.99-133) engleskipdf 254 KB
Teodora Petrova
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The Visibility of Papers Written by Authors from European Post-Socialist Countries as an Indicator of Integration into the EU Legal System (str.135-160) engleskipdf 306 KB
Dora Zgrabljić Rotar, Maja Jokić, Stjepan Mateljan
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The Splendid Durability of the Provisional: A Tribute to Euratom (str.161-180) engleskipdf 152 KB
Jakub Handrlica
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Innovation Ecosystems in the European Union: Towards a Theoretical Framework for their Structural Advancement Assessment (str.181-217) engleskipdf 473 KB
Sara Gonzalez, Renata Kubus, Juan Mascareñas
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Brexit: Is It Really Breaking Free? The Implications of the UK’s Withdrawal from the European Union in the Field of Competition (str.219-239) engleskipdf 176 KB
Delphine Defossez
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The Ryneš Case and Liability for Invasion of Privacy in the 21st Century (str.241-253) engleskipdf 132 KB
Zdenek Kühn
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: On the Use of Psychological Tests to Determine Asylum Seekers’ Sexual Orientation and the Impact on the Right to Private Life (Case C-473/16, 25 January 2018) (str.255-272) engleskipdf 155 KB
Valerie De Bruyckere
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European Competition Law: A Case Commentary (2nd edition), Weijer VerLoren van Themaat and Berend Reuder (eds) (str.273-274) engleskipdf 62 KB
Irena Tušek
Recenzija, Prikaz
EU Bibliography (str.275-400) engleskipdf 1 MB
Aleksandra Čar
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