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Transformers Magazine, Vol. 6 No. 2, 2019

Publication date: April 2019

Published on HRČAK: 09 April 2019
Table of contents Full text
Editorial message (str.9) englishpdf 99 KB
Mladen Banovic
Market review: Sic Transit Gloria Dux (str.28-32) englishpdf 246 KB
Steve Aubertin
Original scientific paper
Water in transformers: Moisture equilibrium in transformer insulation systems: Mirage or reality? Part 1 (str.44-51) englishpdf 735 KB
Oleg Roizman
Original scientific paper
Condition monitoring: Situational awareness brought to you by IoT (str.60-64) englishpdf 647 KB
Brian Sparling
Original scientific paper
Supply chain management: Commodity risk management in transformer industry (str.75-80) englishpdf 510 KB
Ufuk Kivrak
Original scientific paper
Detection of open phase condition in power transformers (str.82-90) englishpdf 1 MB
Jorge Manzano Fernández, Jordi Mena Bravo, Andrés Tabernero García, Marco Ferreira, Sérgio Cruz
Original scientific paper
Innovative solutions for distribution transformer cores and windings (str.92-101) englishpdf 678 KB
Ales Bertuzzi
Original scientific paper
A dry type HV insulation system for extreme environments (str.102-110) englishpdf 753 KB
Robert Middleton, Eric Euvrard
Original scientific paper
Expanding the diagnostic impact of power factor testing (str.112-116) englishpdf 317 KB
Robert Breazeal, Dinesh Chhajer
Original scientific paper
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