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Croatian International Relations Review,Vol. 25 No. 84
Publication date: April 2019

Published on HRČAK: 15 April 2019
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Cover (str.1) englishpdf 67 KB
Impressum and Contents (str.2-5) englishpdf 209 KB
Same Old (Macro-) Securitization? A Comparison of Political Reactions to Major Terrorist Attacks in the United States and France (str.6-35) englishpdf 450 KB
Elena Dück, Robin Lucke
Review article
ISDS Regimes and Democratic Practice: Creating Conflict of Interests between Governments, Investors and Local Populations (str.36-52) englishpdf 356 KB
Martin Karas
Review article
Reconciling after Transitional Justice: When Prosecutions are not Enough, the Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina (str.54-77) englishpdf 398 KB
Jared O’Neil Bell
Review article
Submission (str.78) englishpdf 194 KB
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