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Southeastern European Medical Journal : SEEMEDJ,Vol. 3 No. 1
Publication date: May 2019

Published on HRČAK: 05 June 2019
Table of contents Full text
Quality of Life in Patients With Malignant Disease (str.1-10) englishpdf 343 KB
Suzana Stojković, Nada Prlić
Original scientific paper
Employment in Patients With Renal Replacement Therapy (str.11-20) englishpdf 450 KB
Mirjana Đukić, Lada Zibar
Original scientific paper
Awareness About Information Security And Privacy Among Healthcare Employees (str.21-28) englishpdf 320 KB
Kresimir Solic, Mateo Plesa, Tena Velki, Kresimir Nenadic
Original scientific paper
Aortic and Cerebral Aneurysms: Link With Genetic Predisposition, Risk Factors, and Aortopathies (str.29-41) englishpdf 585 KB
Luka Švitek, Nora Pušeljić, Željka Breškić Ćurić, Kristina Selthofer-Relatić
Review article
Nutrition Patterns in Prevention and Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases: Alzheimer’s Disease (str.42-49) englishpdf 342 KB
Vesna Šeper, Nebojša Nešić
Review article
Effect of Low Selenium Diet on Glutathione Peroxidase 3 Concentration in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats’ Serum (str.50-59) englishpdf 443 KB
Nikolina Kolobaric, Ana Stupin, Petar Susnjara, Lidija Baric, Anita Matic
Original scientific paper
Significance of HbA1c in Monitoring Diabetes at the Public Hospital, Guyana (str.60-68) englishpdf 613 KB
Rajini Kurup, Michelle Deoraj, Sasha Persaud
Original scientific paper
Trefoil Factor Family (TFF): Peptides with Numerous Functions (str.69-77) englishpdf 491 KB
Nataša Kozina, Ivana Jukić
Review article
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