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Publication date: June 2019

Published on HRČAK: 29 June 2019
Table of contents Full text
How management tools holistically support enterprises’ operation in supply chains? (str.1-20) englishpdf 489 KB
Sonja Treven, Duško Uršič, Walled Rashad
Original scientific paper
The impact of integrated information systems on management accounting: Case of Croatia (str.21-38) englishpdf 369 KB
Ivica Pervan, Ivana Dropulić
Original scientific paper
Smart city initiatives in the context of digital transformation – Scope, services and technologies (str.39-54) englishpdf 982 KB
Katarina Tomičić Pupek, Igor Pihir, Martina Tomičić Furjan
Review article
Feedback intervention research historical review: From single to multidimensional (str.55-69) englishpdf 409 KB
Saulius Olencevicius
Review article
(In)effectiveness of quality management systems and models of excellence in practice (str.71-84) englishpdf 354 KB
Branko Škafar
Professional paper
Editorial to the special section on higher education (str.85-86) englishpdf 253 KB
Vojko Potočan, Jurica Pavičić
Is there a mismatch between employers’ and university teachers’ perceptions on graduate employability in Croatia? (str.87-102) englishpdf 443 KB
Ljerka Sedlan König, Helga Maškarin Ribarić
Original scientific paper
Perceived trends in viewing the future by Croatian and Slovenian business students: Implications for managerial education (str.103-120) englishpdf 549 KB
Judita Peterlin, Daniela Garbin Praničević
Original scientific paper
A way to more effective education: Prospective teachers' interest in service-learning (str.121-136) englishpdf 1 MB
Koraljka Modić Stanke, Valentina Ružić, Aleksandra Mindoljević Drakulić
Preliminary communication
Insight into students’ perception of teaching: Case of economic higher education institution (str.137-152) englishpdf 452 KB
Andrea Arbula Blecich, Vinko Zaninović
Preliminary communication
Personalisation of learning through digital storytelling (str.153-166) englishpdf 352 KB
Lina Kaminskienė, Nano Khetsuriani
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