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Publication date: September 2019

Published on HRČAK: 14 October 2019
Table of contents Full text
Foreword (str.341-343) englishpdf 59 KB
Ivan Koprić
National-Local Networks and Immigration Governance: Policy Distance in South Korea (str.345-376) englishpdf 631 KB
Jill L. Tao
Original scientific paper
Reconceptualising the Governance of Migration Policy in Australia: From Centralised to Cooperative Approaches (str.377-406) englishpdf 158 KB
Stephen Jones
Review article
Coping with the Challenges of Mass Migration: Reception, Distribution and Integration of Refugees in German Municipalities since 2015 (str.407-430) englishpdf 268 KB
Uwe Hunger, Norbert Kersting
Original scientific paper
The Role and Capacity of Local Government in Managing Migration in Istanbul (str.431-454) englishpdf 170 KB
Yeseren Eliçin
Review article
Local Self-Governments in Dealing with Mass Migrations and Integration of Migrants in Hungary (str.455-472) englishpdf 128 KB
István Temesi
Preliminary communication
The Use of Military Forces in the Protection of the Borders and Prevention of Irregular Migrations in Selected South East European Countries (str.474-499) englishpdf 144 KB
Benjamin Sadrić
Original scientific paper
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