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Croatian Operational Research Review,Vol. 10 No. 2
Publication date: December 2019

Published on HRČAK: 13 December 2019
Table of contents Full text
An inventory planning problem for time-varying linear demand and parabolic holding cost with salvage value (str.187-199) englishPDF 367 KB
Pavan Kumar
Original scientific paper
The best, the worst and the semi-strong: optimal values in interval linear programming (str.201-209) englishPDF 302 KB
Elif Garajová, Milan Hladík, Miroslav Rada
Original scientific paper
Optimum cost analysis for an Geo/Geo/c/N feedback queue under synchronous working vacations and impatient customers (str.211-226) englishPDF 448 KB
Lahcene Yahiaoui, Amina Angelika Bouchentouf, Mokhtar Kadi
Original scientific paper
Improving the productivity of the copper mining process in the Chilean copper industry (str.227-240) englishpdf 397 KB
Ivan Derpich, Nicole Munoz, Andrea Espinoza
Original scientific paper
Forecasting portfolio-Value-at-Risk with mixed factorial hidden Markov models (str.241-255) englishpdf 573 KB
Mohamed Saidane
Original scientific paper
Fuzzy portfolio optimization with tax, transaction cost and investment amount: a developing country case (str.257-273) englishpdf 798 KB
Gülcan Petriçli, A. Gül Gökay Emel, Tuba Bora Kılınçarslan
Original scientific paper
A new full-NT step interior-point method for circular cone optimization (str.275-287) englishPDF 380 KB
Behrouz Kheirfam
Original scientific paper
Generating $\alpha $-dense curves in non-convex sets to solve a class of non-smooth constrained global optimization (str.289-314) englishpdf 765 KB
Mohamed Rahal, Ziadi Abdelkader, Ellaia Rachid
Original scientific paper
Bi-level optimization based on fuzzy if-then rule (str.315-328) englishPDF 455 KB
Vishnu Pratap Singh, Debjani Chakraborty
Original scientific paper
Optimality conditions for a bilevel optimization problem in terms of KKT multipliers and convexificators (str.329-335) englishPDF 370 KB
Nazih Abderrazzak Gadhi, Lahoussine Lafhim
Original scientific paper
Utilizing a new approach for solving fully fuzzy linear programming problems (str.337-344) englishpdf 320 KB
Hamiden Abdelwahed Khalifa
Original scientific paper
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