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Thesis, Vol. 8 No. 2, 2019.

Thesis,Vol. 8 No. 2
Datum izdavanja: prosinac 2019.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 21. 12. 2019.
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Quitting with Style: Linguistic Analysis of Political Resignation Speeches (str.3-30) engleskipdf 820 KB
Silvana Neshkovska
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Inclusion of Children with Emotional Disorders in Lesson Planning by Educators (str.31-63) engleskipdf 852 KB
Violeta Buza, Amina Murati
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The Republic of Objects: Prolegomena to an Object-Oriented Reading of A Tour on the Prairies (str.65-83) engleskipdf 452 KB
Naruhiko Mikado
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The Impact of Professional Practice Standards in the Professional Development and Performance Assessment of School Directors (str.85-113) engleskipdf 509 KB
Ujkane Hana Beshiri, Arberore Bicaj
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Understanding Virtuality: A Mixed Method Study Using Virtuality Index in Teams of Global Outsourcing Sector (str.115-136) engleskipdf 541 KB
U.L.T.P. Gunasekare, Ajantha Dharmasiri
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Teachers’ Perceptions of the Curricular Reform Implementation in Kosovo (str.137-162) engleskipdf 521 KB
Fatjona Alidemaj
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Quality of Physiotherapeutic Services in Kosovo: A Comparative Approach between Public and Private Sectors (str.163-184) engleskipdf 635 KB
Ariona Dedushaj
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Contrastive Analysis of Prenominal Modifiers in English and Albanian Noun Phrases (str.185-206) engleskipdf 474 KB
Imrije Azemi
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Employment Policies for People with Disabilities in Kosovo (str.207-232) engleskipdf 484 KB
Ylber Aliu, Petrit Bushi
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Future Opportunities for Spatial Development of the University in Line with Contemporary City Concepts (str.233-255) engleskipdf 530 KB
Adelina Tahiri, Bujar Demjaha, Lucija Ažman Momirski
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The Tensions Between Scientific Theories and Reality as a Knowledge Mechanism. Physics may be locked in the ivory tower of theories and must return to nature. (str.257-275) engleskipdf 463 KB
Hajdin Abazi
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The Features of the Macedonian Standard Language in the Journalistic Sub Style (Columns) (str.277-293) engleskipdf 504 KB
Violeta Janusheva
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The Linguistic Dependence of an Independent Country - State of the native Albanian, the impact of English and the multilingual perspective of Kosovo Albanians (str.295-323) engleskipdf 641 KB
Bora Kasapolli
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