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Geologia Croatica, Vol. 72 No. Special issue, 2019.

Datum izdavanja: prosinca 2019.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 10. 1. 2020.
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6th International Conference on Geology Resources Management and Sustainable Development (ICGRMSD2018) (str.1-1) engleskiPDF 163 KB
Guangli Xu, Lidija Galović
Integrated 3D modeling of Quaternary sediments in the Beijing Plain, based on a sequential indicator simulation (str.3-17) engleskiPDF 8 MB
Xiao Ai, Baitao Sun, Xiangzhao Chen
Geochemistry and U-Pb ages of the diabases from the Luoji area, western Yunnan, China: implications for the timing of initial rifting of the Ganzi-Litang Ocean (str.19-32) engleskiPDF 6 MB
Chan Wang, Hao Liu, Hanbin Feng, Jianghong Deng, Xianfan Liu, Fufeng Zhao
Geochronology, geochemistry, and tectonic significance of the Shirenshan gneiss in the southern margin of the North China Block (str.33-45) engleskiPDF 6 MB
Jingya Wang, Shenglian Ren, Shuwen Dong, Li Longming, Dazhi Jiang, Yonghong Shi, Jiahao Li, Chuanzhong Song, Xu Han, Zhenqiang Li, Jue Ouyang
A new numerical method for the analysis of monolithic seepage problems with complex drainage systems in a groundwater recharge area for a hydropower station in China (str.47-56) engleskiPDF 3 MB
Yan Jun, Liu Si-hong, Wei Ying-qi, Jin Song-li, Cai Hong, Xiao Jian-zhang
The prediction of structural fractures in coal seams of the Kuba coalfield, China: an application for coalbed methane (CBM) recovery development (str.57-69) engleskiPDF 6 MB
Zhou Zhang, Min Zhoua, Yun-Xing Cao, Bao-An Xian, Di Gao
Modification of slope stability probability classification and its application to rock slopes in hydropower engineering regions (str.71-80) engleskiPDF 793 KB
Li Xiu-zhen, Tan Rong-zhi, Gao Yan
Meso/Micro-texture analysis of the landslide-dam outburst sediments in the Upper Jinsha River, SE Tibetan Plateau (str.81-91) engleskiPDF 5 MB
Jian Chen, Zhijiu Cui, Chao Liu, Wendy Zhou, Ruichen Chen
The characteristics of granites in the Gaofeng and Baocheng areas, Hainan Province, China: response to subduction of the Tethyan South China Sea (str.93-109) engleskiPDF 5 MB
Yuan Xiaobo, Fang Nianqiao, Zhang Zhenguo, Dong Hailong
Multi-point geostatistics for ore grade estimation (str.111-126) engleskiPDF 3 MB
Yu-Chen Song, Zhan-Ning Liu, Hai-Dong Meng, Xiao-Yan Yu
Ore-forming fluids of the Fancha gold deposit, Lingbao, Henan Province (str.127-143) engleskiPDF 4 MB
Zhang Yu, Cao Yi, Li Hongmeng
Investigation of in situ soil nitrogen mineralization in a Picea-Abies forest in Tibet Plateau: effects of increased nitrogen input (str.145-153) engleskiPDF 5 MB
Ge Wang, Lin Han, Xinying Tang, Yu Yang
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