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Transformers Magazine, Vol. 7 No. 1, 2020

Transformers Magazine,Vol. 7 No. 1
Publication date: January 2020

Published on HRČAK: 13 January 2020
Table of contents Full text
Editorial message (str.9-10) englishpdf 181 KB
Mladen Banović
Transformers and the energy system transition (str.26-33) englishpdf 1 MB
Paul Jarman
Original scientific paper
A century of dissolved gas analysis - part III (str.50-58) englishpdf 786 KB
Marius Grisaru
Original scientific paper
Transformer innovation in a changing energy landscape – Part I (str.66-76) englishpdf 1 MB
Miguel Oliva, Miguel Cuesto, Giuseppe Petrelli, Stephane Schaal
Original scientific paper
Mapping transformer populations: A key to optimize maintenance processes in order to minimize risks and costs (str.98-104) englishpdf 913 KB
Georg Daemisch
Original scientific paper
Detection of winding inter-turn faults: Detection based on frequency response analysis - Part I (str.112-118) englishpdf 836 KB
Manojmohan Subramanian
Original scientific paper
Corrosion protection of core steel in dry-type transformers - Anticorrosion coating: some dos and don’ts (str.120-125) englishpdf 577 KB
Aiman Sakr
Original scientific paper
The transformation of transformers: A short history of power transformers through the age (str.126-131) englishpdf 1017 KB
François Devaux
Original scientific paper
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