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Politička misao : časopis za politologiju,Vol. 56 No. 3-4
Datum izdavanja: ožujka 2020.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 11. 3. 2020.
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Ideology, Partisanship, and Change: Voter Profiles of Main Political Parties in Croatia (str.7-28) engleskipdf 364 KB
Višeslav Raos
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International Medical Knowledge Transfer as a Tool of Public Diplomacy: The Case of Croatia (str.29-49) engleskipdf 326 KB
Nikica Daraboš, Dagmar Radin
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Bridge over Troubled Waters: The Pelješac Project, China, and the Implications for Good-neighbourly Relations and the EU (str.50-78) engleskipdf 698 KB
Thomas Bickl
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Producing European Modernity: Mythmaking and (Racial) Bourgeois-Capitalist Worldmaking in Modern Philosophical and Literary Writings (str.81-105) engleskipdf 339 KB
Hrvoje Cvijanović
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“Europe Will Soon Be Lost to Political Correctness”: Evaluating a Discourse of Political Correctness in the Main Treaties of the European Union (str.106-136) engleskipdf 421 KB
Bojana Klepač Pogrmilović
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From Hellholes to Hell: On Political Agency in Purgatory (str.137-152) engleskipdf 342 KB
Zoran Kurelić
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Civil Society and the Rise of the Radical Right in Poland (str.153-176) engleskipdf 363 KB
Tihomir Cipek, Stjepan Lacković
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Russia’s Foreign Policy Evolution in the New Balkan Landscape (str.179-199) engleskipdf 334 KB
Ekaterina Entina, Alexander Pivovarenko
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Collective Memory and an Interpretative Approach: The Struggle over Kosovo’s Independence as an Ideational Background for Contemporary Serbia’s Foreign Policy Choices (str.200-217) engleskipdf 346 KB
Faris Kočan
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The Implications of the “New Course” Strategy (str.218-238) engleskipdf 353 KB
Igor Ivašković
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Measuring Currency Power from 2005 to 2018: Greenback Still Unrivaled or Increasingly Constrained by Its Rivals? (str.241-268) engleskipdf 615 KB
Kristijan Kotarski, Alexander C. Tan
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