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Tourism: An International Interdisciplinary Journal,Vol. 68 No. 1
Publication date: March 2020

Published on HRČAK: 27 March 2020
Table of contents Full text
Taking over the baton! (str.6-6) englishpdf 64 KB
Josip Mikulić
Young Chinese in Europe: Travel behavior and new trends based on evidence from Spain (str.7-20) englishpdf 138 KB
Aureli Lojo
Original scientific paper
Are we explaining the movement of hotel room rates correctly? (str.21-33) englishpdf 271 KB
Chew Ging Lee
Original scientific paper
Restaurant rankings factors in gastronomy tourism (str.34-42) englishpdf 100 KB
Serkan Bertan,
Original scientific paper
Testing tourism-led economic growth and economic-driven tourism growth hypotheses: The case of Georgia (str.43-57) englishpdf 283 KB
Khatai Aliyev, Nargiz Ahmadova
Original scientific paper
Bibliometric analysis of social entrepreneurship in gastronomy tourism (str.58-67) englishpdf 155 KB
Duygu Celebi, Ige Pirnar, Engin Deniz Eris
Review article
Customer agility and firm performance in the tourism industry (str.68-82) englishpdf 150 KB
Vu Minh Ngo, Hieu Minh Vu
Original scientific paper
The dynamic nature of the city image: Do image components evolve over time? (str.83-99) englishpdf 197 KB
Manuela Guerreiro, Júlio Mendes, Carlos Fortuna, Patrícia Pinto
Original scientific paper
The effect of sensation seeking on holiday preference: A comparison among domestic tourists according to their level of change seeking (str.100-111) englishpdf 163 KB
Oya Yıldırım, Abdulcelil Çakici
Original scientific paper
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