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National security and the future, Vol. 9. No. 1-2., 2008

National security and the future,Vol. 9. No. 1-2.
Publication date: March 2008

Published on HRČAK: 23 March 2008
Table of contents Full text
Contents (str.1-2) englishpdf 15 KB
About the Contributors (str.3-4) englishpdf 28 KB
The Connection between Demography and National and International Security – The Case of the E.U. (str.9-23) englishpdf 1 MB
Arnon Soffer
Original scientific paper
New European Values and Small Nations (str.23-34) englishpdf 85 KB
Miroslav Tuđman
Original scientific paper
Radical Islam on Europe’s Frontier - Bosnia & Herzegovina (str.35-52) englishpdf 3 MB
Steven Oluic
Original scientific paper
Poslovnost i izvjesništvo (str.53-76) croatianpdf 2 MB
Daniel Ćosić - Dragan
Original scientific paper
Greek Intelligence Service (NIS-EYP): Past, Present and Future (str.79-88) englishpdf 76 KB
John M. Nomikos
Original scientific paper
Islam P & O (Pitanja i odgovori) (str.89-121) croatianpdf 1 MB
Daniel Ćosić-Dragan
Original scientific paper
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