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Patchwork, No. 5., 2020

Patchwork,No. 5.
Publication date: July 2020

Published on HRČAK: 06 October 2020
Table of contents Full text
Integrated Language Teaching (str.4-15) englishpdf 372 KB
Anisa Begović
Professional paper
‘Full of scorpions is my mind’: Trauma in Macbeth (str.15-33) englishpdf 384 KB
Barbara Bočkaj
Professional paper
Accommodation in Fiction: The Role of Convergence in Intergroup Encounters (str.34-54) englishpdf 418 KB
Patricia Díaz-Muñoz
Professional paper
Negotiation of Sentimental and Abolitionist Traditions in Harriet Jacobs's Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl (str.55-64) englishpdf 314 KB
Iva Kurtović
Professional paper
Some Cognitive Properties of English Continuation-Marking Aspectual Particles (str.55-64) englishpdf 466 KB
Matjaž Zgonc
Professional paper
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