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Publication date: November 2020

Published on HRČAK: 21 November 2020
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Is there a Link between Sustainability, Perception and Buying Decision at the Point of Sale? (str.1-13) englishpdf 866 KB
Julia Lamberz, Thorsten Litfin, Özlem Teckert, Gunther Meeh-Bunse
Original scientific paper
How Impulsivity influences the Post-purchase Consumer Regret? (str.14-29) englishpdf 695 KB
Katarina Sokić, Đuro Horvat, Sanja Gutić Martinčić
Original scientific paper
R&D Investments in the European ICT sector: Implications for Business Performance (str.30-44) englishpdf 873 KB
Jan Hunady, Peter Pisar, Ina Durcekova
Original scientific paper
Testing the Twin Deficit Hypothesis: Evidence from the Republic of North Macedonia (str.45-62) englishpdf 1 MB
Vesna Bucevska
Original scientific paper
Mobile Payment in the Connected Car: Developing Services Based on Process Thinking (str.63-77) englishpdf 682 KB
Lukas F. Petry, Jürgen Moormann
Original scientific paper
Optimizing the Resource Consumption of Blockchain Technology in Business Systems (str.78-92) englishpdf 979 KB
Vedran Juričić, Matea Radošević, Ena Fuzul
Original scientific paper
Governing IT in HEIs: Systematic Mapping Review (str.93-109) englishpdf 545 KB
Elinda Kajo Meçe, Enida Sheme, Evis Trandafili, Carlos Juiz, Beatriz Gómez, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios
Original scientific paper
BlockChain Platforms in Financial Services: Current Perspective (str.110-126) englishpdf 777 KB
Pablo Garcia Bringas, Iker Pastor-López, Giuseppe Psaila
Original scientific paper
Data Mining Applications in SMEs: An Italian Perspective (str.127-146) englishpdf 983 KB
Amir Topalović, Antonia Azzini
Original scientific paper
Intelligent Personal Assistant in Business-Context: Key-feature Evaluation for User Acceptance (str.147-166) englishpdf 1 MB
Daniel Hüsson, Alexander Holland, Rocío Arteaga Sánchez
Original scientific paper
IoT and Smart Home Data Breach Risks from the Perspective of Data Protection and Information Security Law (str.167-185) englishpdf 374 KB
Goran Vojković, Melita Milenković, Tihomir Katulić
Original scientific paper
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