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Croatian International Relations Review,Vol. 26 No. 87
Publication date: December 2020

Published on HRČAK: 14 December 2020
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Cover (str.1) englishpdf 75 KB
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Impressum and Contents (str.2-5) englishpdf 296 KB
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On the Norms and Habits of the European Union as a Meta-organisation (str.6-31) englishpdf 489 KB
Marina V. Strezhneva
Original scientific paper
Measuring the Success of the Presidency of the Council of the EU - Austria and Croatia in Comparative Perspective (str.32-63) englishpdf 549 KB
Igor Vidačak, Tomislav Milošić
Original scientific paper
How do Lithuanian Citizens Perceive the European Parliament? EU Legitimacy Issue and Trust in the European Parliament (str.64-85) englishpdf 526 KB
Sima Rakutienė, Ingrida Unikaitė-Jakuntavičienė
Original scientific paper
The Challenges to the Emergency Medical Services to be Recognised as a Human Right in International Human Rights Law (str.86-119) englishpdf 523 KB
Jenna Uusitalo
Original scientific paper
The Significance of Foreign Military Bases as Instruments of Spheres of Influence (str.120-144) englishpdf 483 KB
Tomasz Klin
Professional paper
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