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Croatian Political Science Review, Vol. 39 No. 5, 2002

Publication date: July 2003

Published on HRČAK: 21 May 2008
Table of contents Full text
Globalisation and Democracy: An Introduction (str.3-5) englishdoc 38 KB
Ivan Prpić
Renewing Democracy in an Era of Globalisation: Negative and Positive Integration (str.6-25) englishpdf 227 KB
Thomas Meyer
Conference paper
Political Liberalism, Group Rights, and the Politics of Fear and Trust (str.26-36) englishdoc 80 KB
Claus Offe
Conference paper
Globalisation or Journay into the Second Discovery of the Globe (str.37-57) englishpdf 240 KB
Davor Rodin
Conference paper
Freedom and Globalisation (str.58-75) englishpdf 217 KB
Vladimir Gligorov
Conference paper
A World of Superflous People: Globalisation and Democracy (str.76-87) englishpdf 192 KB
Dag Strpić
Conference paper
Global Governance, the United Nations and Democracy (str.88-96) englishpdf 156 KB
John Groom
Conference paper
Globalisation and Democracy: the Paradoxes of New Public Management (str.97-106) englishdoc 68 KB
Inge Perko-Šeparović
Conference paper
Global Governance and European Identity (str.107-115) englishpdf 165 KB
Furio Cerutti
Conference paper
Globalisation and Democracy: Russia’s Case (str.116-121) englishpdf 142 KB
Nadia Aleksandrova Arbatova
Conference paper
Can a Popperean be a Multiculturalist? (str.122-127) englishpdf 152 KB
Zoran Kurelić
Review article
Corruption in Croatia. Institutional Settings and Practical Experiences (str.128-155) englishpdf 287 KB
Predrag Bejaković
Review article
The Europeanisation of the Cyprus Question. A Model for Conflict Resolution? (str.156-173) englishpdf 230 KB
Peter A. Zervakis
Original scientific paper
Zoran Kurelić: Liberalizam sa skeptičnim licem (Liberalism with a Skeptical Face) (str.174-175) englishpdf 178 KB
Ana Matan
Book Review
Matko Meštrović (ed.): Globalizacija i njene refleksije na Hrvatsku (Globalisation and its Reflections in Croatia) (str.176-178) englishpdf 178 KB
Tonči Kursar
Book Review
Nenad Zakošek: Politički sustav Hrvatske (Political System of Croatia) (str.178-181) englishpdf 178 KB
Goran Čular
Book Review
Conference ‘John Rawls: Liberalism, Justice and Value Pluralism’ (str.181-184) englishpdf 178 KB
Davor Stipetić
Book Review
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