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Croatian Political Science Review, Vol. 38 No. 5, 2001

Publication date: July 2002

Published on HRČAK: 12 June 2008
Table of contents Full text
Nominating Procedures in Democratic Polities (str.3-17) englishpdf 224 KB
Mirjana Kasapović
Original scientific paper
A Comparative Analysis of Financing Parties and Elections in Croatia and in Other Countries (str.18-33) englishpdf 229 KB
Zdravko Petak
Original scientific paper
Is the Nation of Citizens a Viable Political Programme? (str.34-47) englishpdf 204 KB
Nenad Miščević
Original scientific paper
The Hegemony of Multiculturalism. A Comment on Will Kymlicka’s Theory of Nationalism (str.48-61) englishpdf 202 KB
Thomas König
Review article
The Postsocialist States in Southeast Europe: Challenges and Dilemmas (str.62-86) englishpdf 284 KB
Vojmir Franičević
Original scientific paper
Requirements of EU Membership and Legal Reform in Croatia (str.87-105) englishpdf 237 KB
Siniša Rodin
Review article
Demand for Take-Over of the Whole Acquis by the Accession Countries – an Impediment for Membership? (str.106-115) englishpdf 190 KB
Michael Dauderstädt
Conference paper
Poland’s Road to the European Union: The State of the Enlargement Process after the 2001 September Elections (str.116-122) englishpdf 152 KB
Jerzy J. Wiatr
Conference paper
Civilian Control of the Armed Forces in Slovenia (str.123-136) englishpdf 208 KB
Anton Grizold
Review article
The State's Authority in Religious Rights (str.137-143) englishpdf 171 KB
Ivan Padjen
Conference paper
Vladimir Vujčić: Politička kultura demokracije (Political culture of democracy) (str.144-147) englishpdf 166 KB
Berto Šalaj
Case report
Ivo Banac: Raspad Jugoslavije (Disintegration of Yugoslavia) (str.147-149) englishpdf 166 KB
Stevo Đurašković
Case report
Marina Mučalo: Radio u Hrvatskoj (Radio in Croatia) (str.150-152) englishpdf 166 KB
Darko Tomorad
Case report
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