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Publication date: December 2000

Published on HRČAK: 13 October 2010
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New Methods and Tools for the World Wide Web Search (str.267-276) englishpdf 160 KB
Vlatko Ceric
Original scientific paper
Development of a Complex Web-Based Advertising System (str.277-283) englishpdf 228 KB
Vedran Mornar, Tomo Helman, Krešimir Fertalj
Original scientific paper
Visualisation Techniques for Learning and Teaching Programming (str.285-291) englishpdf 138 KB
Jasna Kuljis, Lynne P. Baldwin
Original scientific paper
Visualization of a Fish Behavior using Successive Three-Dimensional Shape Modeling (str.293-303) englishpdf 2 MB
Junta Doi, Tetsuo Miyake
Original scientific paper
The Texture Animator (str.305-310) englishpdf 809 KB
Nikola Guid, Damjan Strnad
Original scientific paper
On Cost Allocation in Networks with Threshold Based Discounting (str.311-317) englishpdf 160 KB
Darko Skorin-Kapov
Original scientific paper
A Contribution to Triangulation Algorithms for Simple Polygons (str.319-331) englishpdf 764 KB
Borut Žalik, Marko Lamot
Original scientific paper
Analysis of Different Low Complexity Nonlinear Filters for Acoustic Echo Cancellation (str.333-339) englishpdf 273 KB
Giovanni L. Sicuranza, Andrea Fermo, Alberto Carini
Original scientific paper
Design of Two-Channel Low-Delay FIR Filter Banks using Constrained Optimization (str.341-348) englishpdf 658 KB
Tapio Saramäki, Robert Bregović
Original scientific paper
Background-Foreground Segmentation Based on Dominant Motion Estimation and Static Segmentation (str.349-353) englishpdf 507 KB
Heinrich Niemann, Dietrich Paulus, Yu Huang
Original scientific paper
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