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Publication date: June 2000

Published on HRČAK: 13 October 2010
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Beyond Dataflow (str.89-101) englishpdf 191 KB
Theo Ungerer, Jurij Šilc, Borut Robič
Original scientific paper
A Genetic Search in Frequency Space for Stabilizing Atoms by High-Intensity Laser Fields (str.103-113) englishpdf 197 KB
V. Rao Vemuri, Danny Barash, Ann E. Orel
Original scientific paper
PAGELEARN: Learning Semantic Functions of Attribute Grammars in Parallel (str.115-130) englishpdf 283 KB
Aggelos M. Thanos, Gyongyi Szilágyi
Original scientific paper
How Well Can Ants Color Graphs? (str.131-136) englishpdf 154 KB
Janez Žerovnik, Aleksander Vesel
Original scientific paper
HPMVS: A High Performance Visualization Tool Suite that Assists in Kidney Assessment (str.137-150) englishpdf 331 KB
Timothy S. Newman, Ning Tang
Original scientific paper
Computer Aided Diagnosis of Clustered Microcalcifications Using Artificial Neural Nets (str.151-160) englishpdf 818 KB
Peter Winkler, Ewald Graif, Csaba Szepesvári, Michael Becker, Heinz Mayer, Ferdinand Schmidt, Erich Sorantin
Original scientific paper
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