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Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences,Vol. 33 No. 2
Publication date: December 2009

Published on HRČAK: 17 December 2009
Table of contents Full text
From the Editor (str.V-V) englishpdf 494 KB
Neven Vrček
The Role of Knowledge Management in Mobile Marketing (str.231-241) englishpdf 192 KB
Neven Bosilj, Ivan Jurinjak
Review article
Impact of ICT on the structural and contextual organizational elements: Case of the Varaždin County (str.243-254) englishpdf 330 KB
Kristina Brodar, Marina Klačmer Čalopa, Igor Pihir
Original scientific paper
Creating an Effective Learning Environment through an E-Learning Instructional Programme (ELIP) (str.255-267) englishpdf 204 KB
Maria Jakovljevic
Preliminary communication
Multi-Agent System for Decision Support in Enterprises (str.269-284) englishpdf 738 KB
Dejan Lavbič, Rok Rupnik
Original scientific paper
Suitability of Modern Software Development Methodologies for Model Driven Development (str.285-295) englishpdf 188 KB
Ruben Picek
Preliminary communication
PNMBG: Point Neighborhood Merging with Border Grids (str.297-305) englishpdf 252 KB
Renxia Wan, Jingchao Chen, Lixin Wang, Xiaoke Su
Original scientific paper
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