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Croatian Economic Survey, No. 12, 2010

Publication date: April 2010

Published on HRČAK: 18 May 2010
Table of contents Full text
Editor's Note (str.5-8) englishpdf 94 KB
Maja Vehovec
What Happened to the Middle Class in the New Market Economies? The Case of Croatia and Poland (str.9-44) englishpdf 344 KB
Iva Tomić, Joanna Tyrowicz
Original scientific paper
Life Satisfaction in Croatia (str.45-81) englishpdf 355 KB
Lena Malešević Perović
Original scientific paper
The Gender Wage Gap in Croatia – Estimating the Impact of Differing Rewards by Means of Counterfactual Distributions (str.83-119) englishpdf 381 KB
Danijel Nestić
Original scientific paper
The Quality of Life and Regional Development in FYR Macedonia (str.121-162) englishpdf 355 KB
William Bartlett, Hristina Cipusheva, Marjan Nikolov, Miroljub Shukarov
Review article
Cybernetic Theory as a New Approach to Studying Workers’ Well-being (str.163-198) englishpdf 345 KB
Massimo Franco, Monia Trombetta
Original scientific paper
Terry Ward, Orsolya Lelkes, Holly Sutherland and István György Tóth, eds.: European Inequalities: Social Inclusion and Income Distribution in the European Union (str.199-205) englishpdf 119 KB
Hrvoje Mirošević
Book Review
Margaret Grosh, Carlo del Ninno, Emil Tesliuc and Azedine Ouerghi: For Protection and Promotion: The Design and Implementation of Effective Safety Nets (str.207-213) englishpdf 120 KB
Predrag Bejaković
Book Review
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